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 Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Friday 18 May 2018 - Sunday 20 May 2018


Negros Tou Moria /

MC Negros Tou Moria, who is an emblematic presence in the Athenian rap, joins the OCC BIG BANG Festival for the first time to present a musical-visual performance like a fairy tale. In front of the canvas of the visual artist Aristotelis Klitsikas, Negros Tou Moria will relate to us in rap rhythms the story of Apollonius (Kofee) Morris. The only survivor of the disastrous attack of Seltzania against peace-loving Asantopolis, little Kofee, with the invaluable help of his friends, manages to bring peace and love to the warring nations. An original allegory about the power of art and friendship.
Negros Tou Moria is a pun in Greek evocative of “Geros Tou Moria”, the sobriquet of a legendary general of the Greek revolutionary forces against the Turkish occupation. This twist on a symbol of typical Greekness goes a long way towards describing the artist’s ethos, creativity and cultural dichotomy. Negros Tou Moria is an artist that embodies the spirit of 21st century inner city Athens, speaking of and to its affronted youth with his own tenacious swagger. NTM or ‘Black Morris’ is best described as one of the most promising Greek rappers to have emerged in recent years, with unparalleled flow, prodigious beats and music that takes its cues from Europe and the US in equal measure, backed by a selection of intensely talented young producers and artists from a diversity of ethnic backgrounds. Born by Ghanaian parents in the economically depressed Athenian district of Ambelokipi, and growing up in and around the neglected Kipseli neighbourhood, ‘Black Morris’ made his first tentative steps in the world of Greek rap next to the legendary MC TakiTsan and has since gone on to develop his unique and intuitive voice amongst the new breed of his hometown.
Duration: 20'
Artist: Negros Tou Moria
Graphic designer: Aris Rozopoulos & Pink colleagues
Guitar: Jast


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