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 Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Friday 24 May 2019 - Sunday 26 May 2019


Team Gnous & Vasilis Gerodimos /

Michalis Moschoutis: musician, educator / Vasilis Tzavaras: musician, educator / Erato Tzavara: video artist / Vasilis Gerodimos: exhibition curator

Come tune in your ears and your imaginations and travel with us around Greece aboard the audio-visual presentation created by the My landscape in sounds programme for schools.
The programme participants recorded, processed and illustrated sounds with a view to sharpening their acoustic observation of the soundscapes that surround us and to cultivating creativity through their synthesis.
The primary and secondary school children started out learning to listen closely. They went on to make their own sound recordings using digital recorders, then processed these sounds using specialized software. In parallel, they created visual representations of their sound compositions, grasping the fundamental properties of sound in the process.
The sound installation maps the different landscapes we encountered in the course of the programme in an original way. We will hear sounds from Koulas’ Hill in Serres, from the Old Olive Mill in Eleusina, from Kallithea’s street market, from the Roman Odeon on Kos, all turned into sound compositions by the children. At the same time, their graphic scores and collages reveal the shapes and textures our young artists bestowed on the sounds of a playground, a typewriter, the sea, footsteps...The material was designed to be accessible to the partially sighted and to the blind.
The participating schools were:
Serres’ 12th Primary School, the Kallithea Special Primary School for the Blind, Eleusina’s 5th Primary School and the 2nd High School of Kos.