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 Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


Saturday 25 May 2019 - Sunday 26 May 2019


Paul Griffiths & Polyphonica /

Multicultural Choir Polyphonica with Elsa Kuding and Myrto Ticof, together with the renowned musician and educator Paul Griffiths on the creation of a new composition-song cycle, with focus on Planet Earth.
“Pale Blue Dot” was the name given to a famous image of Earth taken by the Voyager Mission spacecraft in 1990 as it was leaving the solar system and also a book by cosmologist Carl Sagan inspired by this image. It shows the tiny vulnerable world which is our home set against the enormity of space.
In the workshop of Paul Griffiths, the voices of the multicultural choir created a tapestry of vocal sound that incorporated existing songs, newly created songs, chants, poetry and vocal textures that depict and represent the abundance and diversity of people, nature and life on our fragile planet.
In the workshop some songs that Paul Griffiths knows and listens were taught to the choir, as well as some songs that the choir knows and sings were used. Inspired by these and the theme of the project we started to create new pieces using voices, words, melody, harmony, rhythm movement and body percussion.
Together we weaved and constructed a brand new performance using the ideas that we shared and made. As a general theme the focus is on Planet Earth; the sky, the sea, the land, the nature and people. Without getting too political, we thought it would be good to celebrate this extraordinary place that we all share while so many seem intent on destroying it.
Paul Griffiths: music educationalist, project leader, composer and performer | Elsa Kuding and Myrto Ticof: music educators | Choir Polyphonica