The BIG BANG project aims to:  

  • Enhance dialogue and cooperation between cultural workers and artists who organise and create music for children. 
  • Facilitate and encourage the transnational mobility of musicians, composers and their work. 
  • Enrich and broaden the quality of music currently on offer to children in Europe. 
  • Develop audience development programmes that maximise the chance of children becoming involved in non-commercial forms of music. 
  • Open the window to cultural diversity in the music landscape for children. 
  • Encourage artists to create new music for young audience in a multidisciplinary context. 
  • Stimulate the exchange of information and knowledge about music projects for children in Europe. 
  • Achieve a sustainable improvement in the quality of Europe's musical landscape for children by providing cultural and creative players with skills and know-how. 

The BIG BANG project has become an important instrument to contribute to the quality of artistic innovation and creativity in the field of music for young audiences throughout Europe. 

  • With the BIG BANG NETWORK we stimulate the exchange of information and knowledge about music projects for children within our network of festival partners.
  • With the BIG BANG FESTIVAL we organize at this moment 15 festivals in 10 different countries. By doing this and with the possibility to invite artists from all over Europe that have experience in this field, we enable the development and artistic quality of producing and programming music performances for children in each country individually.
  • By organizing BIG BANG SEMINARS for professional artists, we invest in training and education for students and cultural workers and contribute to the knowledge and exchange of know-how and good practices. 
  • With the BIG BANG PRODUCTIONS we stimulate the creation of new music performances for children and we facilitate the exchange of artists and musical heritage (NOMAD project).