The Aerophone

Pierre-Luc Clément

Picture a makeshift piano keyboard and an array of old tape recorders. The ingenious mechanism that links all this together is just waiting for you to set it in motion. So take control of this bizarre machine with its tapes and motors, and compose a mind-blowing score!

Chain reaction: You press a key on the keyboard, a tape recorder starts up, and the first note of an amazing symphony rings out! From samples of orchestral instruments to other vibrant sounds, The Aerophone’s range is so vast that you won’t always know what wind you’re dealing with.

Sprung from the mischievous imagination of artist Pierre-Luc Clément and his creative sidekicks, in homage to the famous Mellotron, The Aerophone also pokes fun at our society’s hyper-efficiency. Why else build a whole machine for the sake of something so seemingly pointless as sharpening our senses and tapping into our limitless capacity for wonder?


Original concept and artistic directionPierre-Luc Clément
Set designMarisa Gallemit, Louis-Philippe Robillard, Hugo Gaudet-Dion
Electronic design and technical advice - Bertrand Devost, François Petitpas