Concept & artistic profile

Although each city’s festival will have its local taste and shape, all festivals will be based on a central concept founded on scientific research on the development of musicality in children and improved in the context of exchange of knowhow and expertise between the participating organisations, cultural workers and artists. It focuses on increasing the involvement of the public, and aims to achieve this in the following way:

  • Impression-expression cycle 

Alternating the intensive concentration of listening to a concert with active involvement in music (e.g. taking part in an interactive installation or workshop). Impression and expression alternate in a natural way.

  • Authenticity

The atmosphere and quality of the relationship between performer and audience are important. Consequently, we will choose musicians and performers who communicate with the audience in a way that is active and authentic.

  • Exploration, boundaries and adventure 

The festival is an adventurous journey of discoveries. Stimulating exploration can only happen if you offer something that is appealing and is presented in a manner accessible to the listener or participant. Therefore a variety of genres, styles and levels are important.

  • Wellbeing

The BIG BANG festival wants the audience to feel at ease, to act spontaneously, to show vitality and self-confidence.