Angelique Francis

Angelique Francis

There’s no one like Angelique Francis to warm our hearts in winter. Accompanied by her double bass and band, this amazingly talented musician lights up the stage with her electrifying New Orleans-style performances.

“A multi-instrumentalist and her musical family”

A talented multi-instrumentalist, Angelique made her performing debut at the age of seven. Equipped with her trusty double bass and harmonica, she delights our ears with her original compositions, a creative blend of blues, soul, jazz, rock and gospel.

At the BIG BANG, Angelique will share the spotlight with her musical family: her father on drums, and her sisters on saxophone and trombone. This Ottawa artist and her musical clan are all set to chase away the winter blues with their boundless energy. Get ready to dance!



lead vocals, upright bass, guitar, harmonica : Angelique Francis
backing vocals, saxophone : Kharincia Francis
backing vocals, trombone : Kira Francis
drums, backing vocals : Kiran Francis