Matthew Steinke | Sonoscopia
©sonscopia - Rui Pinheiro

Artificialia is a strange world of sound artefacts collected by Sonoscopia and American musical automata builder Matthew Steinke. In a course with several stops for unheard-of discoveries, one finds the most bizarre, intriguing and fascinating sounds and musical instruments from a non-existent past and future. A cross between a cabinet of curiosities and a sound freak show, Artificialia throws us into a parallel universe where an imaginary sound materialises in the most unexpected ways.


Directed by Matthew Steinke, Gustavo Costa
Musicians and instrument makers Matthew Steinke, Gustavo Costa, Alberto Lopes, Henrique Fernandes, Tiago Ângelo
Programming and robotics Tiago Ângelo
Design set Catarina Barros
Lighting design Mario Bessa
Executive production Patricia Caveiro
Production Sonoscopia
Co-production Teatro Municipal do Porto
Thanks to CCT/TEP - Teatro Experimental do Porto, João César Nunes, João Ricardo, Rodrigo Cardoso