BIG BANG Festival Athens 2015

In this festival, every question has the same answer: music. On stage, in the foyers, in the corridors, the elevators, but also outdoors – far from the premises of the Onassis Stegi and out in the neighbourhood. Musicians from all over the world become one group of friends, joining forces with children, parents, and mates. This band only aims at having fun, through games and whimsical experimentation.

BIG BANG Festival, the European music festival for infants and kids, defies “dos and don’ts” and asks adventurous young girls and boys to try out new things, hear, play, sing, and dance. Besides, nobody knows how to have fun and let go with the sound of music like kids do!

So come aboard! The Onassis Stegi holds the door open for high-decibel sounds and the active participation of each child.

A production by Onassis Stegi in coproduction with Zonzo Compagnie - with the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union


Christos Carras | Executive Director, Onassis Stegi
Myrto Lavda | Head of Educational Programs, Onassis Stegi
Wouter Van Looy | Artistic Director, Zonzo Compagnie

About Onassis Stegi

Onassis Stegi refuses to settle. Throughout its existence, it maintains the same adventurous curiosity to explore the city, the world, life itself. It remains equally restless and sensitive, local and global. Through its various activities, it triggers discussions and takes a stand in regards to democracy, social justice, education, the environment, our digital present, our virtual realities, our bodies and our national borders. It releases the creative potential of Greek artists all around the world, while bringing global premieres and international co-productions to Greece. Always curious and questioning without didacticism, Onassis Stegi knows the value of critical reflection, cultural memory and – why not – pleasure.

About the venue

The foundations of the Onassis Stegi were laid in Athens in 2004. The construction of the building was exclusively funded and overseen by the Onassis Foundation. It was built on a privately-owned 3,000 sq. m. plot on Syngrou Avenue, which is bounded by four roads and covers an entire city block. The Onassis Stegi boasts 18,000 sq. m. of interior space. The building includes two main auditoria, seating 880 and 220 respectively, which are suited to a wide range of events including theater and dance performances, concerts, film screenings (multimedia, virtual reality), lectures and conferences, a workspace on the 5th floor which is ideal for lectures, educational programs and round-table discussions, a 700 sq. m. space on the building’s underground level specially-designed for exhibitions and other activities, and a number of open spaces spread over the building’s levels used for smaller exhibitions or meetings. The top storey is home to the restaurant, which extends out onto the rooftop terrace during the summer months and offers breathtaking views of the Acropolis, the Philopappos monument, Lycabettus and the Saronic gulf.