The Baschet Sound Structures

Bernard and François Baschet
Picture of The Baschet installation

Children aged 4+ will delight in interacting with these unusual and playful musical sculptures which were designed to make discovering sound easy for all.

Parisian-born brothers Bernard and François Baschet pioneered a new combination of sound and sculpture-making. Together, they created a fascinating collection of unusual and accessible sonic objects which have been acclaimed worldwide.

The instruments are based on a simple acoustic principle: to make metal vibrate and then amplify and transform those vibrations through metal, cardboard or fibre glass funnels.

The installation instruments are designed so that anyone can immediately create an interesting sound. Drop-in and give it a try during the BIG BANG Dublin! festival weekend or over the Easter holidays.

No previous musical experience is necessary – the Baschet brother’s unique creations will bring out the musician in everyone.

Artists/Designers: Bernard and François Baschet
Producer: The Baschet Sound Structures Association