Bernsku Brek

Bernsku Brek

Brek will travel into the world of instruments through their music. In addition, they will take the kids with them in creating a new atmosphere in the music and listen to new ways and melodies of each instrument, which together form the sound and character that is Brek.

The band plays acoustic music and draws its influences from many places, e.g. from Icelandic folk heritage, Scandinavian and American music, jazz and more. They emphasize high-quality Icelandic lyrics, but at the same time aim to create an atmosphere that is captivating and comfortable. The band looks forward to play at Big Bang together with cheerful and creative kids.


Brek is:

Harpa Þorvaldsdóttir -  vocal and piano

Jóhann Ingi Benediktsson - vocal and guitar

Guðmundur Atli Pétursson - mandolin

Sigmar Þór Matthíasson - upright bass