The BIG BANG Boom: Dance party with DJ Rise Ashen

(online event on Zoom)
BIG BANG online party ©Jonathan Lorange

“Hit the dance floor!”

Get the family together: it’s time for a dance party!

Our virtual dance floor is open, so jump on in! It’s easy: push the furniture back a bit, create a fluorescent or disco atmosphere for a change of mood ... and as a family, get out your finest special-occasion outfits (glittery costumes, oversize beach hats, or any other props that tickle your fancy).
Now it’s time to strut around the dance floor and groove along with all the other guests!
For this special evening, DJ Rise Ashen is in charge of the soundtrack. He invites you to take a musical trip around the world, to the sound of an array of beats (house, break, club) where tradition meets the future. Nothing but good vibes, lovingly chosen by this passionate collector and seasoned house dancer. Beware: his seismic bass will have your speakers jumping!

Bilingual ● For all ages (under adult supervision) ● Free 
Interactive livestream on Zoom | Reservation is required


DJ : Rise Ashen  
Guest dancers :  Josée Bourgeois, Theland Kicknosway, Bboy Effect, Alea de Castro, Tangent 
Video director : Jean-François Dubé
Zoom operator and VJ : Patrick Fournier 
Production : BIG BANG Ottawa (National Arts Center)