A brutal bunch of underground noise makers! Acoustic trance percussion and mobile totems made of lo-fi speakers generate a whole new soundscape. Is your neighbourhood ready to welcome this universe of sound vibrating with pure punk energy?

Drenched in black, fuelled by despair, in search of revolution… Meet BRUiTAL. 4 percussionists and 4 lo-fi electro-totem bearers. Balancing between power and vulnerability, resistance and surrender, order and chaos. Their energies clash, grind, melt and combine to create one sonic tour de force. For an XL-sized performance, call in BRUiTAL feat. DROM.

BRUiTAL started out in 2018 as Zinnode, an artistic project for the Zinneke Parade comprising various organisations. Meanwhile, it has transformed into an experimental punk-style fanfare. Did we already say that ‘illegal’ is neither a state nor a deed, but rather an outright energy?


Artistic coordination
Jo Zanders & Vital Schraenen

BRUiTAL is a production in collaboration with De Batterij.