Brace yourself for BRUiTAL, a cheeky mob of musicians and noise makers. Swarming through the corridors wearing strange masks, they fill the space with solid beats and raw noise. On their backs they carry tall totems, spewing their music into space. A mad revolution does not seem far off when BRUiTAL enters the space. Are you ready for a chunk of pure punk energy to make the BIG BANG Festival unsafe? Because BRUiTAL is coming straight at you.

For BIG BANG, BRUiTAL engages a chunk of youthful violence from Antwerp and Brussels. Together with the Borgerhout drummers of Tarmacadam, they will provide some serious fireworks.


artistieke coordination Jo Zanders & Vital Schraenen
production MetX
in cooperation with Tarmacadam
with support from Rataplan

This is a NOMAD project

NOMAD capitalises on the cultural richness of the contemporary city. Professional, often international musicians engage with a group of local children. Musical talents and cultural influences of the children merge with those of the musicians. At the end, BIG BANG provides a stage to showcase the results of the collaboration. In the past, Zonzo Compagnie created beautiful NOMAD projects with such luminaries as Meredith Monk, Iva Bittová, Phil Minton, Paul Griffiths and Dick van der Harst.