Burning BRASs Band

Burning Brass

Make way for the Burning BRASs Band! Canada’s first brass and percussion band composed exclusively of women and gender diverse people, it will blow you away with its joyful feminist funk.

This dynamic band has been all the rage since the summer of 2022. That’s hardly surprising, because the nine instrumentalists mix brass and percussion like the ingredients of a joyous cocktail, spiced up with their musical superpowers and sizzling energy.

The group has everything it takes to light up the stage. Its lively arrangements of popular songs tickle the ears with traditional brass band favourites, not to mention a few nods to upbeat pop classics.

Enough talking. Let’s dance!

Trumpet - Maryka Talbot, Marie Gervais and Émilie Fortin 
Alto saxophone - Élisabeth Provencher
enor saxophone - Élisabeth Lajoie
aritone saxophone - Stéphanie Sens 
Trombone - Chloé Taschuk 
Tuba - Gabrielle Carruthers
Percussion - Rebecca Legault