Castor & Pollux

Inês Campos & Teia Campos
© Pedro Sardinha

Inês and I—and Teresa and I—were born on the same day. Teresa two years before and Inês two years after, with the Sun in the two brightest stars of the Gemini constellation—Castor and Pollux. considerate lilia agri quomodo crescunt (think of the lilies of the field and how they grow) is written in our grandparents’ fireplace as an amulet and it is the motto for our growth: to ask plenty of questions without much of an answer. In this openly biographical project, we revisit the footage made by our father on the growth and history of our affection in an accomplice and intimate way, to rebuild the games, travels, stories, plans and memories, friends, warmth, loves and quarrels, cunnings, tics, manners and the music in which we see the roots of our personalities, as much alike as they’re different. — Inês Campos and Teia Campos


Created and performed by Inês Campos & Teia Campos
Lighting design and operation Mariana Figueroa
Sound design Tiago Ralha
Music collaboration João Grilo
Costumes, props and scenography Patrícia Costa
Costumes, props and scenography support Pedro Sardinha and Filipe Silva
Sewing Alice Mendes
Outside look Regina Guimarães, Pietro Romani
Acknowledgment Filipe Fernandes, Raphaël Decoster, Paulo Pereira
Video archive António Campos
Executive production Vitor Alves Brotas - AGÊNCIA25
Artistic residencies Teatro Municipal do Porto, Bando Dos Gambozinos
Co-produced by Teatro Municipal do Porto