Chez Maurice

Revue Blanche
Chez Maurice

Revue Blanche's musicians welcome you to the music room of Maurice, Maurice Ravel: the mysterious imaginative dandy. A master at bringing musical worlds to life: folk melodies, fairy tales and orchestral experiments such as the world-famous Boléro.

His father was an inventor and engineer. We go back in time. We see Ravel as a child. He opens the door to his father's room. Drawings, designs, machines rattle, movements make noise, music sounds ... 

In Chez Maurice, the Revue Blanche musicians, each in duo, give you already an insight into the creation of the performance unRAVELed, which will premiere in February 2024.


compositions Maurice Ravel
musical performance Revue Blanche: Lore Binon (vocals) and Anouk Sturtewagen (harp) or Caroline Peeters (flute) and Kris Hellemans (viola)