CIRCULEIGHT features designs and real-time interactive visuals inspired by eight elements: lava, basalt, glacier, water, flora, algae, microorganism and volcanic gas. 

Throughout the installation, audiences are fully immersed into this world through a powerful score of original music by renowned Icelandic composer, singer and songwriter Högni Egilsson. Eglisson’s music, when combined with the boundary-pushing technology that defines ARTECHOUSE, enables audiences to experience this unique story in a completely unforgettable way.

This international partnership and residency is the first to launch in ARTECHOUSE's mission to share their technology-driven art experiences and programming with new audiences beyond the U.S.

ARTECHOUSE is an independent, innovative arts organization dedicated to the intersection of art, science and technology, with locations in Washington, DC, New York City Miami, and now Reykjavik.