Dansconcert #1 xs

tout petit
Dansconcert #1 xs

An upbeat bass line is blasting the dancers in all directions. Together with four musicians they unleash a small tornado. The children also float along. Music and dance are so infectious that it is impossible to stay still. From slow to fast, from high to low: slowly but surely the performers take you to a super funky finale. Party!

After the previous performances Luid, Drrraai and Niet vallen, in Dansconcert #1 xs tout petit once again invites the young audience to take the stage themselves. Dansconcert #1 xs is so much more than a performance. It is a catchy concert, a rousing dance performance and a family party (one that is actually really fun).


concept Koen Brouwers, Ciska Vanhoyland & Lies Cuyvers
music Koen Brouwers (guitar, bass, synths), Bert Hornikx (drum, percussion), Lesley Troquet (bass, synths), Lotte Vanhamel (reeds, vocoder, dance)
choreography & dance Lies Cuyvers, Ciska Vanhoyland, together with guest dancers from Talking Bodies
costumes Jente De Graef
light design Raf Wouters
trailer Stanislav Dobak
production tout petit
co-production Perpodium
with support from Flemish community, City of Hasselt, City of Leuven, Tax Shelter measure of the Belgian Federal Government
with thanks to Spinrag kinderkunstenfestival and deRUIMTE