Discovery Trail: Music Rooms

Bonsa, Mammifères & Voyageurs immobiles

Three surprise micro-concerts as you tour behind the scenes at the NAC

Ever been curious about what really goes on backstage? Well here’s your chance. Enjoy three mini concerts as you weave your way through the twists and turns in our labyrinth of corridors behind the performance halls. Are you up for the adventure? Awesome!


His voice is like a magnet: it draws you in, period. And the effect is all the more irresistible to the sound of the koanni, an unusual traditional guitar. Here’s your chance to groove to Bissa music with this captivating artist from Burkina Faso.

Karine Sauvé and Nicolas Letarte (Mammifères)

Primed to unleash a plethora of effects with their synths, this electro-friendly duo is on a mission to set our sorrows dancing. Step into their bubble and discover a world of pop rhythms and crazy machines!
Produced by Mammifères.

Emily Séguin and Marie-Hélène Massy-Émond (Voyageurs immobiles)

One makes her cello crackle; the other blends her voice with the vibrations of her drum. One lives in Abitibi ; the other is from Pikwakanagan. Their amazing and beautiful encounter produces a magnificent forest of sounds and dreams. You coming?
Staging: Milena Buziak. Produced by Voyageurs immobiles.
Based on Dave Jenniss’ upcoming show Delphine rêve toujours (Théâtre de la Vieille 17).