Estradas (Roads)

Salvador Sobral, Jenna Thiam and Javier Galiana

The road is a place that only exists in our own experience of it. It changes from one country to another, changing languages and customs. What matters is that, one way or another, it always continues to take us into the unknown. Otherwise, it would make no sense. The road lies between reality and dreams. It is the place of possibilities, but also the place of our fears.

This is the place we want to talk about, the place that we want to bring to the stage. For all childhoods.



Based on an idea by Jenna Thiam and Salvador Sobral 

Actors Salvador Sobral, Javier Galiana, Jenna Thiam

Musicians Salvador Sobral, Javier Galiana

Staging Assistant Mariana Norton

Artistic Collaboration Caroline Bergeron

Support to Dramaturgy Solène Souriau

Image Hugo Manso

Lighting Design Nuno Figueira

Sound João Tereso

Illustration Juan Danie