Galandum Galundaina brings to Big Bang a unique musical and ethnographic heritage of the cultural identity of Terras de Miranda, Northeast Trás-os-Montes, forgotten for a long time.

Over the past 25 years, the group has contributed to the study, preservation, and dissemination of Mirandês and endangered popular instruments. From the memories of the accordion, the Mirandses bagpipe, the pastoral flute, the rabel, the psalter, the pitcher, the pandeiro Mirandese, the bombo, and the War Box of Grandfather Ventura, a song is born that accumulates references, places, intensities, times.

The vocal and instrumental repertoire in the heritage of the traditional songbook of Terras de Miranda, where the vocal harmonies and the rhythm of the percussions transport us to a timeless universe, now reaches the public of the Big Bang festival.



voice, accordion, Mirandese bagpipe, dulçaina, pastoral flute and tamboril Paulo Preto
voice, rabel, bagpipes, realejo, tambourine, mirandês tambourine Paulo Meirinhos
oice, war box, bombo, tambourine, Mirandese tambourine, tamboril, cântaro Alexandre Meirinhos
voice, pastoral flute, bone flute, tamboril, saltério, transverse flute, bombo, Mirandese tambourine, charrascas João Pratas