Garden for Little Souls

Théâtre des Petites âmes
Garden for Little Souls - Théâtre des Petites âmes ©️ Théâtre des Petites âmes

A garden in winter. It’s a dream come true for little ones, who will happily venture into this beautiful experimentation space. A sensory journey and a gentle oasis, this installation is specially designed to appeal to children’s senses.

“Discovery zone”

This playground is as fun and musical as they come. It’s made up of different islands, tactile stations that children can manipulate and bring to vibrant life. Just imagine: walking through a bamboo forest, brushing a hedgehog’s hair, having fun making a turtle sing, or walking over a bridge of bells to hear it jingle - it’s all possible in this discovery zone. Message to all little hands: it’s time to fire up your dream machine.


concept: Isabelle Payant
design and fabrication: Stéphane Heine, Isabelle Payant and Claudine Rivest
production: Théâtre des Petites Âmes