The Garden or The Invisible Rope

Big Bang Production
The Garden

A musical act for a very young audience. 

A woman – or a girl? – enters a room. Or a garden? Or maybe a forest. White shapes are hung from the ceiling, people with musical instruments: The instruments have complex shapes and make weird sounds. The woman – or maybe the girl? – starts talking. But we can’t recognize the words. And we don’t know who she is or what she wants. 

At some point a fly appears. A rather not whole fly. The woman talks to it, and this is how we hear what she says, what she thinks. The fly responds – in her own way, the best way it could find – is the fly really half? But it leaves. That shouldn’t have happened. It was inexcusable. And yet: a new visitor arrives. He – or she? or it? – wants to stay. He wants to hear, he wants us to hear. And what will happen will be beautiful. 

“The Garden” is a musical theatre play for 7 instruments, 1 person and 2 images. 


Conception, composition, conductor: Kornilios Selamsis:
Libretto: Yannis Asteris
Set design:  Eleni Papanastasiou
Visual art & lighting fixtures: Kathrin Krumbein 
Lighting design:  Nikos Vlasopoulos
Direction: Harris Frangoulis

Performers / musicians: 
Maria Skoula: soloist 
Panagiotis Renieris: background actor 
Thodoris Vazakas: percussion 
Spyros Vergis: trombone 
Konstantinos Ziggeridis: accordion 
Faidon Miliadis: violin 
Gogo Xagara: harp 
Dimitris Tigas: double bass 
Spyros Tzekos: clarinet 

Foivos Petropoulos: general coordination 

Aris Laskos: executive producer 

Supported by
BIG BANG network
Creative Europe Programme of the European Union