Heidi’s Dream

all ages
Big Bang Production

Did you know that animals dream?

With Heidi’s Dream, GNOUS! are taking a dive into the magical world of sleep and dreams in the animal kingdom. Three musicians and a video artist forge a multi-layered audio-visual experience on stage that brings us closer to the non-human beings living on this planet.

From dolphins that sleep with one eye open to dogs that seem to be running in their sleep, we’re taken on a journey through a fantastical setting of sounds, images, and facts relating to sleeping animals. When Heidi – the much-loved octopus – changes so many colors as she sleeps, how many dreams is she seeing at once? And in the quiet of the forest, what sounds do canaries hear in their deepest slumber?


Concept & Music: GNOUS! (Michalis Moschoutis, Vassilis Tzavaras, Erato Tzavara) | Musicians on stage: Harris Lambrakis: keyboard | Vassilis Tzavaras: guitar, keyboard, loops | Stefanos Psaradakis: percussion, electronics | Visual Design & Live Video: Erato Tzavara | Line Production: Polyplanity