ISLAND OF WINDS (A Ilha dos Ventos)

Isle of Winds - Niklas Zimmer

Migrating through the galaxy, a group of humans arrives at Eguanalam, the purple planet, part of a solar system 12 light years from Earth.

An expedition of scientists begins the exploration of the only island located in the enormous Outibol Ocean that covers 99% of the surface of Eguanalam and is actually the only continental mass.

There they discover that the island with its mountains, valleys, forests, and deserts is the origin of all the winds on the planet. Composer and instrument creator Victor Gama works with a group of students from the Lisbon Conservatory to create the sounds and music of the winds, birds, animals, and many others that the scientists will have encountered during their expedition.


concept and composition Victor Gama
usicians Salomé Pais Matos (toha), Victor Gama (acrux, toha), Nuno Cintrão and students from the Music Conservatory in Lisbon: Dinis Spencer & Gabriel Santos (violins), Gustavo Silva & Tiago Silva (Viola D’ Arco), Duarte Gomes & Vicente Sequeira (cellos), Margarida Inácio & Leonor Pena Martins, Manuel João Martinho Costa (percussion)
technical direction and sound operation Paulo Machado
light design and operation João Fontinha
video Alfred Marseil, Robin Noorda, Victor Gama, Rui Peralta
video projection Rui Peralta
production PangeiArt