Jeppe Just Instituttet

Jeppe Just Christensen

Jeppe Just Christensen is a trained classical composer. His musical universe is about recycling, nostalgia, junk instruments - and toys. The music in his band Jeppe Just Instituttet is made on both traditional and home-built instruments - and a number of instruments that do not normally belong in classical music such as ukuleles, saws, old organs, melodies, mouth harps and all sorts of other hardware. The songs have references to amusement parks, garden parties, fun and games but also strong elements of nostalgia, sentimentality and a bygone era. The melodies are inspired by everything from drinking songs to lullabies.

It will be fun, touching, inventive and not least a musical celebration for both eyes and ears - and who knows ... Maybe you will want to build new instruments and use some of the things you have at home to make your own music?