Joana Bagulho, Teresa Duarte & Maria Bayley (Music Room)

Colinho da Rainha BIG BANG Lisbon

A singer, inspired by the figure of Queen Elizabeth I – patronne of William Shakespeare and of many composers and poets – presents a small concert accompanied by her musicians, with music of John Dowland and William Byrd.
Knock, knock. Someone is at the door… it’s a flautist who wants to get on the Queen’s lap and play the witches’s dance. Knock, knock… Again someone is at the door and. It’s four singers that also want to sit on the Queen’s lap and sing a Dowland song.

JOANA BAGULHO concept ALICE ALBERGARIA costumes and set TERESA DUARTE soprano JOANA BAGULHO harpsicord MARIA BAYLEY harpsicord, harp, soprano