Katelyn Clark & Ben Grossman (Music Room)

Katelyn Clark & Ben Grossman

Does the word hurdy-gurdy ring a bell? How about clavicymbalum? To find out, you can take a detour into the world of Katelyn Clark et Ben Grossman. As if by magic, the duo transports us across time. With Katelyn playing the ancestor of the harpsichord and Ben mastering a kind of mechanical violin, the melodies of the 13th to 18th century travel to our ears. Ready for this unique mini-concert in the form of a time capsule?

“Small size, big fun”

About the Music Rooms

Looking for a new adventure? Take a side trip to the Music Rooms. About 15 minutes long and performed in unique spaces, these mini-concerts make a truly great musical experience for young ones. Enjoy the casual atmosphere, as artists perform for small audience groups, tucked away in intimate and mysterious settings.

This year’s experience is offered in a “pick-your-own” format, with 3 different music room choices. Choose a single micro-concert or all of them - it’s up to you. These miniature performances can be enjoyed in sequence or as a quick break in between other shows.

A festival favorite, the Music Rooms are exciting, affordable and an absolute must visit. Off we go!


organetto, early keyboards: Katelyn Clark
hurdy gurdy: Ben Grossman