Le Dékoncert

Picture of Le Dékoncert

Welcome to “Le Dékoncert”! A unique and astonishing concert where the circus becomes a tool to serve the music. Discover an unbelievable machine of sounds where you will not know if you are seeing a musician or a juggler in action. Featuring the bounce-back juggling or tight-rope walking they also work together with other instruments out of the ordinary to perform the scores of this intimate and poetic concert.

Performers: Biel Rosselló and Antoine Dagallier
Co-direction: Pascale Diseur, Ferran Utzet and Francis Thévenin
Structures: Biel Rosselló, Nacho Ullua
Set and costume design: Solfasirc and Corinne

Show awarded in 2017 (1st Prize Zikólika) and 2018 (Prize of International Cir and Co Festival, Avila, 2018)

Pictures of Le Dékoncert SOLFASIRC