The Listening Room

The NAC Orchestra, Alexander Shelley & Maxime Genois
The Listening Room at BIG BANG Ottawa 2020

Embark on a sensory exploration of symphonic lands with Mozart, and a few clever tricks!

Is the concert hall shrinking? How is this possible?! We won’t spoil the surprise, but exciting interactions and and playful shape-shifting await you within our listening room! You may find yourself with an orchestra at your fingertips or a solo musician near your ear. Who ever said you needed a magic potion to travel to symphonic lands? Let the playfulness of Mozart’s music performed by the NAC Orchestra and conductor Alexander Shelley, combined with the cleverness of a young stage director and his lighting designer accomplice, bring you a unique experience for the senses! 

Conductor: Alexander Shelley / Flute: Benjamin Morency (2017 OSM Manulife Competition Winner) / Directed by: Maxime Genois / Lighting: Hugo Dalphond / Artistic consultants: Mélanie Dumont and Wouter Van Looy / Stage manager: Tobi Hunt McCoy / With the NAC Orchestra / Produce by: NAC Orchestra