Lulling Time

Berceurs du temps

Take a trip on a rocking chair!   
A dozen or so rocking chairs are waiting for you in the NAC’s public space. They’re there for young and old alike, so take a seat and relax into the gentle world of lullabies. 
Equipped with built-in speakers, each chair wraps itself around you to whisper a few beautiful sung treasures in your ear. During this musical interlude, let yourself be carried away by the echoes of childhood through songs from here and elsewhere—more than 1,300 lullabies in 70 languages—collected since 2016 by the creators of the installation. 
P.S. Complete your listening experience at the LULLING VAN mobile recording studio set up nearby. An authentic Westfalia converted to recording studio parked outside the NAC, just waiting for you to share your own childhood lullabies. Come and contribute to the rocking chair soundtrack. 
Rock awhile, then come and sing ... 
Multilingual ● All ages ● Free 
To hear a few lullabies, discover the playlists specially crafted for the 2021 BIG BANG.


Concept and design : Sarah Dell’Ava, Ilya Krouglikov & Wolfram Sander 

Sound editing : Wolfram Sander (Hanover), Claire Perryman-Holt (Paris)

Mediation team : Marie-Reine Corvellec + Ilya Krouglikov + Cara Roy + Annabelle Chouinard + Marijoe Foucher

Produced by Berceurs du temps