Mad Scientists’ Circus

Andreas Monopolis and Giorgos Gargalas
 Andreas Monopolis and Giorgos Gargalas

A musical performance aimed at children and those who feel like children. The mad scientists, through audiovisual stimuli they provide at work, keep the audience’s interest alive in a variety of strange ways and, beyond entertainment, they stimulate the imagination, inspiration, and creativity of the spectators. The core idea is a day’s routine in the mad scientists’ laboratory. These mad scientists produce music and sounds that are not related to traditional musical instruments and conventional recordings but to objects beyond suspicion. Recyclable materials, beat box, foley, flower flutes, mysterious boxes, springs, bottles, and various objects attached to the contact microphones and sound generators are displayed on the workbench of the two scientists and interact with each other by creating an audiovisual circus. Through the electroacoustic amplification of everyday objects as well as of the human voice, a composition is produced where tiny objects sound fascinating in a virtual sound microscope.


Andreas Monopolis, DIY instrument maker, musician, producer
Giorgos Gargalas, musician, sound artist