Balkan Brass Band

MakeSomeNoiz is a social-musical project. The project’s goal is to unite a group of teenagers with a diverse multicultural background living in the center of Athens, under the pretext of traditional Balkan music with the use of brass instruments. Balkan traditional music is the coexistence of sad and joyous mood at the same time, commanding the body to dance to the rhythm and bending the soul with its melodies. It is a vivid sound in the ears and hearts that unites every soul of this multicultural community. Brass are the tools of expression in the teens’ hands. They are impressive, shiny, and play really loud. 

Within six half-hour sessions, three on Saturday and three on Sunday, MakeSomeNoiz presents at the Big Bang Festival a musical journey from Alexandria, the Peloponnese, Macedonia, and Lesvos to Thrace, Skopje, Sarajevo, Novi Sad, Beograd, and Bucharest.


Performers / musicians:

Alvaro Ramirez, Stefanos Choros, Giorgos Michalogiannakis, Petros Karyotakis, Pavlos Serafetinidis: trumpet
Elissavet Kalodimou: clarinet
Michalis Kampourogiannis, Vassilis Floudas: saxophone
Jay Crossland: French horn
Fotis Athanasiou, Spyros Mastoras, Manolis Michalogiannakis, Iakovos Theoharis: trombone Evagelos Kottis, Michaela Pouli: euphorium
Aristoula Vaggeli: tuba
Domenico Bonassi: sousaphone
Athanasios Makos, Thekla Filippoti, Danai Spathi, Maya Pipera: davul