Music Room
(c) Filip Van Roe

Wim Henderickx created worlds in sound. A simple sound, a complex sound, a tap against a singing bowl, a drum, an orchestra, an electronic sound filling the space. Any sound could open the little door of his imagination and be the beginning of a new adventure, a new composition. This is how he created for the theater, a space, a concert hall.

With Wim in mind, three young musicians set to work: singer Herlinde Van de Straete, double bassist Eline Cote and composer Siebe Thijs. While electronic sounds fill the space with an infinite soundscape, sounds of banal objects and extraordinary musical instruments echo. Some you may know, some you may not. Occasionally, new musicians appear. They move through the space and undergo with you a ritual of energy, wonder and discovery. And you will also hear music by Wim Henderickx himself.


vocals Herlinde Van de Straete
double bass Eline Cote
compositions & electronics Siebe Thijs