Mawâl of the Earth

Opéra de Lille
Big Bang Production
Picture of Mawâl of the Earth Opéra de Lille

The Opéra de Lille has commissioned a show from Zied Zouari, a virtuoso musician, composer and arranger. Having grown up in two cultures (Tunisia/France) and received a twofold training (classical and jazz), Zied Zouari develops a fusional approach, filled with various musical influences. His violin language is like a bridge between East and West, between the Eastern traditions he inherited and the modern musics he constantly absorbs in Europe. Each of his projects explores an atypical universe mixing Afro-Arabic, Turkish and Indian music with jazz, groove or pop sounds. His compositions embody this interculturality, while giving a large place to improvisation. 

For the libretto, Zied Zouari collaborated with writer, composer and singer Aida Niati, who is particularly keen on enhancing the musical traditions of the Mediterranean. 

On stage, five artists will be directed by choreographer Thierry Thieû Niang in sets imagined by Alwyne de Dardel and with lights designed by Jimmy Boury. 


Director Thierry Thieû Niang
Set designer Alwyne de Dardel
Lighting designer Jimmy Boury 
Zied Zouari artistic direction, violin, viola
Aida Niati voice & oud
Dali Chebil voice & oud
Fabien Mornet mandola, banjo, guitar
Wadie Naim percussions