Messages from Africa (Music Room)

Duo Seco - Messages from Africa © Leen Devyver

When someone has a story to tell in Africa, there is always music involved. 

A long time ago, or maybe still right now, in Africa, messages were transferred by musical instruments, singing, or even dancing. It could be a Ngoma sounding through the valley, or a very fine melody played on a balafon at a wedding; when someone has a story to tell, there is always music involved. 

Mamadou and Tister each have their own way of telling their stories. In Senegal, where Mamadou comes from, a sort of harp called ‘kora’ is used. In Congo, where Tister comes from they use a lokolé, an instrument that resembles a bit like a piece of large wood. During this performance, a lot of instruments will be used to tell their messages.

And you, you too can join them! Tell your story and dance along!


Credits: TISTER IKOMO vocals, balafon, ngoma, lokolé, dance MAMADOU DRAMÉ vocals, kora