Mister V

Eugenia Demeglio & Katerina Konstantourou
all ages
Eugenia and Katerina

Mister V has finished work and is heading home. He can’t wait to put his slippers on and sprawl out in his armchair, quiet and relaxed. That’s what he had in mind anyway, but the moment he opens the… STOP! Mister V hadn’t the faintest idea of what was about to happen. Suddenly, he finds himself caught up in an incredible adventure, right inside his own home. The things that go on inside Mister V’s apartment are revealed to us by four musicians (on flute, guitar, piano, and accordion) and one actor as part of a music theatre performance that takes its inspiration from a fairy tale written by Gianni Rodari.


Dramaturgy & Direction: Eugenia Demeglio | Concept & Music Direction: Katerina Konstantourou | Lighting Design: Eleni Houmou | Costume Design: Katerina Chatzopoulou | Performers / musicians: Phivos Symeonidis: actor | Ana Kifou: flute | Stamatis Pasopoulos: accordion | Mislav Režić: guitar | Katerina Konstantourou: piano | Music: Larry Polansky, “Ensembles of Note” (1998-99) | Christian Wolff, excerpts from “Exercises 15 – 18” (1975) | Stamatis Pasopoulos, “The Storks Came” (2023) | Stamatis Pasopoulos, “For Philipp” (2023) | Frank Nuyts, Part 3 of his “7th Piano Sonata” (2007) and musical improvisations