Murmures Machines

Les Vibrants Défricheurs
Picture of Murmures Machines Les Vibrants Défricheurs

Take your seats for this impressive orchestra of musical automatons - there are more than 50 of them in total! Miniature pianos, cuckoo clocks, pots, pans and countless mechanical toys. They come to life with a groan and a squeak - and there is so much to see and hear. Two musicians, on the organ and bassoon, interact with the machines and add sounds, melodies and rhythms. We also hear recorded voices from Indonesia, Burkina Faso and France that tell stories, sing and hum.

Murmures Machines demonstrates that there is no hierarchy between notes and sounds, melodies and noises. Everything lives alongside everything else. Machines, musicians and voices bury the audience together in an avalanche of sound. Call it what you want: a concert, a show, a sound portrait, mechanical music, a musical fairground. Murmures Machines is above all a poetic ode to the musical imagination. 

DENIS BRÉLY concept, implementation & bassoon ANTOINE BERLAND composition, artistic direction & organ

A production by Les Vibrants Défricheurs in coproduction with le Volcan.