Musical pathway "BANG"

A peninsula

We invite you to take a musical pathway through two rooms of the Espacio Santa Clara where you can enjoy two unique shows.

A Península

Peninsula, Mother Earth and Father Sea. The journey is inevitable; it is done not from the outside but from the inside of feelings and emotions through music. The woman is the main character and we give voice to her.


voice and flutes - Estrela Martinho
double bass - Sofia Queiroz

Siudad. Arquitectura Sonora

SIUDAD (city in Seville language) is a mobile project of performative pedagogies for children and families. It investigates the construction of other ideas of the city throughout sound and the sound and physical installation of models that contain ideas of the city based on the realization of different imaginary museums that make up this “sound city”.


A project of Rubén Barroso, with Ernesto Rosa y Marianela Pérez.