Musical pathway "BIG"

Chungking Express

We invite you to take a musical pathway through two rooms of the Espacio Santa Clara where you can enjoy two unique shows.

Noite: Sweet Dreams

When you go to sleep, the Dream Engineers are always present. In the Control Room, Sonhancio gets ready to occupy the imagination of the Child who is going to sleep. Throughout the night, the Child faces the dream the Engineer created for him. Sometimes he looks back on good memories and plays with his Imaginary Friend, while some other times he falls into a nightmare and is scared by monsters. The Child realizes that it is not the product of his imagination and decides to take on the Engineer by creating his own dream for a relaxed night. The show takes place in a fantastic world inside the bedroom of a girl (or a boy?). On the one hand, bed, toys and instruments, on the other hand, the dream controller spacecraft.


ukulele and guitars - Afonso Albuquerque
drums and electronics - Paulo Amendoeira

Chunking Express (MONTJUÏC)

On stage, a suitcase and a collection of instruments (cello, baroque and classical guitar, clarinet, mandolin, melodicas, and metallophones) await the performers. The musicians together with the audience will weave stories by means of the mysterious objects in the suitcase, as each one of them is linked to a piece of their musical repertoire as well as to an anecdote of their personal experiences.


Carmen García Moreno
Jesús Osuna Rodríguez
Silvia Moreno Parrado