My Music Box - Junior Akwety


My Music Box: where song and movement come together.

Like a real master of ceremonies with only a midi pad – or his music box –  as an instrument, Junior Akwety appears on stage.He invites the audience to participate in the performance. Junior brings a musical mix from rumba to hip-hop, from r&b to electronic music. This music is accompanied by singing, movement and 'les contes Africain'. A unique combination from the personal experience of an all-round artist.


Junior Akwety SINGER Florian Landu SOUND ENGINEER

The Music Rooms are a legendary part of BIG BANG Festival. A musical journey of exploration takes you past many hidden rooms and forgotten corners of the festival locations, where you can discover wonderful surprises. Behind the doors of the theatre boxes, broom cupboards, attics and cellars, classrooms and practice rooms, fantastic mini-productions are lying in wait for you.