NOMAD Enschede 2021: Songs with Roots

17 students of International School Twente with Jan Van Outryve and Aline Goffin
Liedjes met Wortels Jan Van Outryve & Aline Goffin

There is one project a BIG BANG Festival is nothing without: NOMAD. This event unites a group of children and one or more professional musicians. This year world musician Jan van Outryve and singer Aline Goffin teamed up with seventeen students of the International school Twente to play Songs with Roots

About Songs with Roots II:

Composer and lutenist Jan van Outryve made a selection from the colossal song archive of the American ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax. Together with singer Aline Goffin, he brings musical treasures to life from all over the world. Supported by illustrations by the very young Portuguese super talent Beatriz Bagulho and with nothing more than a voice, a ukulele and a lute, Aline and Jan enchant their audience with a simple, honest and moving concert.

The CDs Songs with Roots I and Songs with Roots II were brought out on the Zonzo Records label and are available for purchase. 

Online Availabe from 11-18 April 2021


ALINE GOFFIN voice JAN VAN OUTRYVE ukulele, lute & zither BEATRIZ BAGULHO set design & props

A production by Zonzo Compagnie - with the support of Flanders.