NOMAD Enschede 2022: Patafrica

Max Vandevorst

Seven Belgian and African musicians explore together the world of “pataphonic” instruments. Scout-o-phone, coalbin guitar, tincan-o-phone, bor-deaux-phone, bass canes, irons, rural spa-la-phones, and the odd blowpipe will mix with more traditional instruments, and at times be accompanied by a saxophone.
Playing around with these hybrid and unusual instruments, we discover the true phonic root shared by different cultures, that transcends musical styles and geographical boundaries. Pataphonic praticians and African percussionists reveal their shared affinity for spontaneous gestures, collective improvisations, and humorous festivities.

Created for the “Cap Sud” festival in Mons (October 2009), and featuring Pierre Spartaro, Zénon Kasanzi, Gwenael Dedonder, Guillaume Codutti , Ejaspapa Gnonlonfoun and Max Vandervorst.