NOMAD Ghent 2019: Murmures Machines

Denis Brély & Antoine Berland
Picture of NOMAD Ghent 2019

Murmures Machines is an impressive orchestra of musical automatons, assembled by the French musicians Denis Brély en Antoine Berland. Miniature pianos, cuckoo clocks, pots, pans and countless mechanical toys. They come to life with a groan and a squeak. Denis and Antoine get to work with the children of the Goeste Majeur fanfare from the Brugse Poort neighbourhood in Ghent. Together they interact with the orchestra of musical machines. And maybe - who knows - the children will become a kind of musical robots themselves...

NOMAD focuses on the cultural wealth of the contemporary city. A professional musician creates together with a group of children. The children’s musical talents and cultural influences merge with those of the musician. The BIG BANG Festival provides a stage for the results. In the past, Zonzo Compagnie created the sensational NOMAD projects with Meredith Monk, Iva Bittová, Phil Minton, Paul Griffiths and many others.