NOMAD Ottawa 2020: Mushkiki Nibi

Josée Bourgeois in collaboration with Rise Ashen
NOMAD project BIG BANG Ottawa 2020

Tumbling, the water flows on stage… 

Tumbling, the water flows on stage with the energy of Indigenous youth, a dancer-choreographer from the Algonquin First Nation and the soundtrack of a DJ-musician… That’s what happens when multidisciplinary artist and movement virtuoso Josée Bourgeois, her multi-talented accomplice, and a group of local children come together to create a unique performance. Through dance and a mix of instruments, props and acoustic costumes, Josée and her troupe draw us into the currents and the source of all life: from the sound produced by the first drop of water to the one we hear as babies in the womb. In music and rhythm, they celebrate this element we are made of and surrounded by; they embody this substance, constantly shifting and moving, that exists in multiple forms. This creation is also an opportunity to point out that not everyone on Turtle Island has access to this essential resource. The title of the performance means “medicine water” in Algonquin.

Created by Josée Bourgeois, in collaboration with Rise Ashen / With Josée Bourgeois and young students from Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School (Gatineau) / Produced by: Festival BIG BANG Ottawa