Nomad Project

Athens 2023
all ages

This year’s Nomad workshop in Athens is a journey through unexpected sounds that are tackled rhythmically and melodically with curiosity, laughter and electronic sparkles! We’ll be learning how to engage with sound using our bodies and voices, microphones and electronic devices to create music all together.

Guided by one composer, two musicians, and a sound engineer, children will learn how to approach sound from different angles, and how to use technology for music creation. They will create compositions to perform together, and share in the joy of making music. It is an experience that seeks to change perspectives on what we call music and how we listen. One that makes clear: everything can be music if we give it a chance, and challenge ourselves too.


The White Rabbit Company (Belgium) | Performer: Julie Michael | Performer & Workshop Concept: Kaja Farszky | Music Composition & Stage Director: Frédéric Verrières | Sound Engineer & Music Programming: Quentin Meurisse