NOMAD Reykjavík 2022: Múrbalasláttur

Rune Thorseinsson

Rune Thorsteinsson is a Copenhagen based composer, musician and teacher. 

Rune creates music in many different ways, as a solo performer, with his multi instrumental trio, in collaboration with musicians from around the world, with symphony orchestras and together with large groups of children. 

One of Rune's main focuses is to create big orchestras with children and play concerts with them. 

At the Big Bang Festival, Rune will be performing in Harpa with 120 Children from Reykjavik. Working with Rune for the Big Bang Project is Sigurður Ingi Einarsson, musician and music teacher.

The children will be playing drums made of buckets, and the audience will also be integrated into the concert in many different ways. 

About Rune Thorsteinsson:  

Rune’s trio Body Rhythm Factory has already played more than 600 concerts around Europe and China. The trio received the international YAM Award at a ceremony in Brussels for world's best concert production for young audiences. 

In recent years Rune has been composing music for his trio and symphony orchestras, performing with orchestras from Denmark, Norway, Germany and China.