NOMAD Seville

Julien Vasnier & Artia School
Julien Vasnier

As happens every year, BIG BANG hosts the Nomad Project, a bet on the cultural and creative exchange between a group of children of the city and an international artist. In 2020, young students between 8 and 12 years old from the centre Artia School, have worked with Julien Vasnier, French artist and trained percussionist, who already delighted us with his show “SOLEO”, during BIG BANG Festival 2018. Together, using the body as work basis for the research on body percussion, they have created this show that blends together all their artistic universes.

Guest artist: Julien Vasnier

Students Artia School: Fernando Vázquez, Sofía Vázquez, Lola Díaz, Luis Díaz, Santiago Gil, Francisco Encina, Javier García, María Solís, Jimena González, Alba Román, Alex Santos, Diego Vidal, Aitana Mª Ribas, Sara Rodríguez, Blanca Miralles, Selene Antunes, Gabriela Ananias, Valeria Algaba, Curro Martínez, Simona Theron, Cecilia Díaz