Orchestre international du VETEX


Come and dance to the rhythm of one of the most colorful and festive groups in Europe! With their energetic music with Balkan and Mediterranean influences, the fifteen musicians of this brass band will lead you into a joyful frenzy. 


Vetex: Laurent Dionet (Alt Sax), Pieter Dubois (Trombone), Mathieu Gassie (Alt Sax), Matthieu Levecque (Trumpet), Thomas Morzewski (Trumpet), Annelies Remaut (Bass Drum), Dimitri Simoen (Percussions), Jacob Willem (Barytone Sax), Benoît Blanc (Trombone), Tomas Bulcaen (Trombone), Loes Coolen (Trumpet), Jan Cuvelier (Buggle) & Dries Degrande (Sousaphone), Stan Bruwier (accordions), Michiel Deblauwe (clarinet)