Pan-Pot ou Modérement Chantant

Collectif Petit Travers
Collectif Petit Travers

Wishing to explore what unites musical composition and juggling work, Pan-Pot/Modérément Chantant goes through a large piano repertoire, from Johann Sebastian Bach to contemporary composers, such as Ligeti or Kagel.
Pan-Pot or Modérément Chantant? A look at loneliness and gallant relationships. The juggler vanishes between the trajectories of his juggling balls, stretched as violin strings, while the balls are rhythmically suspended in the air. They present to us new musical and graphic perceptions, the evidence of a powerful and unique beauty.

JULIEN CLEMENT, DENIS FARGETON & NICOLAS MATHIS authors, jugglers and comedians SIMON CARROT concept, external vision JEAN-MICHEL DAYEZ pianist ARNO VEYRAT light design FRACOIS DAREYS technical direction AUDE POIROT visual identity